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Unsuspecting, I got up this morning on a sunny and beautiful Sunday and what do I have to read? One colleague died of or at least in connection with the Astrazeneca vaccination, another in hospital with pulmonary embolism!

How do you feel as a nurse and respiratory therapist after 28 years of intensive care with such reports?

First of all, grief with those affected, but at the same time a mixture of incomprehension and anger!

As an intensive care nurse and respiratory therapist, I’m used to (and I think I’m speaking for most of my colleagues) focused on my work every day. Every day we deal with sensitive medication which, if the wrong dose is used, could quickly lead to the death of the patient. We check what we are doing for 8 hours every day.

I am certainly not a corona denier, because I work with Corona / Covid 19 patients every day and see the consequences of the difficult course. I am responsible for ventilation and also for weaning these patients. I read studies and papers and keep myself up to date as much as possible so that I can do my work efficiently. I am not a general opponent of vaccination, but I also read studies and papers on the subject of mRNA vaccination. I’m not a biologist or biochemist, but I think I understand at least some of the process and the problems of mRNA and vector vaccination (I’m currently preparing a video on this)

I see the lies that the Robert Koch Institute spreads every day with wrongly interpreted so-called infection numbers and I see the narcissistic and fascist propaganda of Karl Lauterbach and others, which has nothing else in mind than to keep people in fear and ignorance to be able to control them and to drive them towards a vaccination as a supposed way to “freedom”. You have to ask yourself why technically incompetent politicians like Karl Lauterbach and others are allowed to dump their unobjective rubbish on people unhindered. If we caregivers Experts let go of such junk in our daily work, we could stay at home.

This agenda has little or nothing to do with the disease as it is political! It has a political goal! It has a political goal! I see policemen beat pregnant women to the ground, policemen rape the peaceful demonstrators and help to undermine our basic right under a flimsy argument of a political agenda. I see the Stasi politics of a Chancellor Merkel who controls the media and no longer serves the German people, by whom she was chosen to serve them, but an agenda of the World Economic Forum and its elite masterminds like Klaus Schwab. This government no longer has the right to govern Germany

As a nurse, I have been caring for seriously ill people for 28 years. No matter what area of ​​care we work in, we have to bear responsibility for what we do. And for years I witnessed the political dismantling of care. I also see corrupt doctors and managing directors whose interests are only money and power and who only know care if they can use it for themselves politically. And we ? Are unfortunately still too good and naive that we allow them to do it again and again just because they clap or say nice words. They are unfortunately still too good and naive that we allow them to do it again and again just because they clap or say nice words.

My misunderstanding towards many colleagues from nursing but also from the medical profession is the following: why not examine a drug called vaccination in more detail and which cannot be used globally in any way? Do we really think if we get vaccinated against Covid 19 we would be free? Or even protected? YOU get vaccinated because you want to travel or go to the cinema and think you are free? How naive!

Dear colleague: Would you, on a doctor’s order, inject a drug that you knew would kill your patient in this dose? Certainly not, you would say no! Would you prefer a medical colleague to give people a vaccination and maybe kill them with it? Have you checked it or are you tempted by 130 euros / h?

Studies on mRNA or vector vaccinations (such as the Astrazeneca vaccination) are not mature enough to use this method on humans on a large scale. The mRNA research has existed for 30 years and a corresponding vaccine has never been approved due to various problems such as ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) or the tolerance or intolerance of lipid nanoparticles. It is precisely in this context that many papers explicitly warn of this method in relation to the elderly. At the moment there are no reliable studies that justify global approval.

If a company wants to sell a product or a drug and is practically the only one that conducts studies itself, how serious can that be? We all know the saying: only trust the statistics that you have faked yourself! Unfortunately, very few people can interpret studies and rely on the seemingly good numbers of the mainstream media.

Would such a company publish a negative study on their product? There are no valid studies, neither for the effectiveness, nor for the tolerability or long-term effects of an mRNA or vector vaccine, regardless of which company!


However, there are still immense unsolved problems in the development of mRNA / vector technology.

It must seem like a land of milk and honey for the pharmaceutical industry if the political path is now opened to test a drug on people worldwide in the largest clinical field trial in the history of medicine. And that without any legal consequences!

The pharmaceutical industry has tasted blood.

And who are the guinea pigs? The main test subjects?

Elderly people in nursing homes, mostly immunocompromised with immense pre-existing illnesses. Old people in nursing homes who rarely or never leave their room. Old people who are taken by surprise by vaccination teams, with little or no education. Elderly and demented people, even the dying, are tested for their will or their human dignity without respect in a clinical trial.

Or the other side of the coin: we nurses!

We still belong to the younger part, work on the front lines and are therefore the ideal test clientele.

If you think of this situation 70 years in the past, the name Josef Mengele automatically comes to mind. Of course, this is done much more hidden, perfidious and harmless in today’s society. However, the rhetoric and polemics of politicians are the same, even if they sound very intelligent (or not) they deliberately set a course for division, the division of “test refusers” “vaccination refusers” etc.

At the moment, many people are dying of or at least in connection with the Covid 19 vaccination. All important phases in the approval of a drug were virtually ignored or skipped. Behind this is a global billion-dollar business in the pharmaceutical industry. Behind this is a global billion-dollar business in the pharmaceutical industry. The relevant approval authorities were vehemently put under pressure by politicians to push ahead with approval, even though the data situation was insufficient.

Hundreds of elderly people in the nursing homes died or die as a result of the vaccination, either directly or at least temporarily. But young people also die or suffer serious incidents.

Almost none of my personally known colleagues who have been vaccinated have survived this without less severe side effects. Many were confined to bed for days with a high fever, pain, chills or other symptoms. Some had severe symptoms of paralysis and even euphoric psychological states, some even collapsed.

We at Nursing for Enlightenment demand the immediate stop of this pharmaceutical agenda, which is only aimed at making quick money and taking advantage of an emergency!

A drug that is to be approved in Germany must go through various phases of an approval process. This also includes animal experiments and clinical studies. When deaths occur in a clinical trial, it is usually stopped and analyzed.

In Germany and worldwide there are already hundreds of deaths or serious incidents in connection with the mRNA / vector vaccination and the vaccination continues. Politicians lie, the RKI lies to people and deliberately does so. No Politician cn be that stupid No politician can be that stupid! However, politicians have a completely different agenda than scientists, nurses or doctors. As we’ve seen with recent developments in mask corruption and lobbying, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is an open secret that various politicians in government circles in Berlin are immensely lobyyistic with the pharmaceutical industry. They accept the death of old people, also young people or colleagues, ice cold and unscrupulous, yes they even lie openly into the camera and play the innocent lamb,

We say by Nurses for education

it is enough

We call for a vaccination boycott of care before more people die.

Here on our Care for Enlightenment website you can also research what, for example, a Professor Hockertz briefly explains scientifically about the mRNA process. Or you can research which incidents have already occurred.