Today Care for Enlightenment reports exclusively on the situation in Israel from the perspective of two citizens who know and/or experience the situation on the ground.. Both women work in health care, as do we nurses.

Care for Enlightenment now has contacts in Israel and will gradually continue to report on what is really happening in Israeli society, especially with those who critically question Agenda Corona and do not readily submit here.

Care for Enlightenment goes international. We nurses must educate people not only nationally but also internationally and confront the lies, because we also have our responsibility every day in our difficult profession in which we also always have to check and evaluate.

We will continue to report in pictures and sound, because what is happening in Israel at the moment is a forerunner for what is to come here in the EU and also in Germany.

To ensure the security of our contacts remain anonymous.

Nursing must be proactive, nursing has responsibilities and nurses are the true experts, even in this Corona crisis, we work every day at the bedside caring for and ventilating —even the Covid patients.

Nursing also has social responsibility and must show grievances to citizens and expose the criminal agendas of politicians.

We want to encourage all colleagues in all areas of care to recognize and express their power and status, so that we who work every day on patients or residents tell what we see and know.



Benjamin Netanyahu has sold his country and the citizens to Big Pharma Pfizer as a Pharma Lab NR. 1 in the world to pave the way globally to enforce a so called „green passport“ and a vaccination that in reality is none, but a global gene therapy. A technology that has not even been sufficiently researched to be used worldwide. People die in droves from or at least in temporal connection with this gene therapy. Old people, young people and the controlled mainstream press ignores all warnings and professional contexts as well as any professional discourse both in Israel and in Germany and other countries.

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00:00​ Intro 02:55​ Gesellschaft zweiter Klasse, der grüne Pass 03:48​ Vorstellung zweier Frauen aus Israel. hebräisch 06:01​ Begrüßung Antwort auf deutsch 07.45 Frage : wie erleben Kinder in Israel die Corona Zeit? 09:17​ Antwort wie erleben Kinder die Corona zeit auf hebräisch 11:25​ Antwort wie erleben Kinder die Corona zeit auf deutsch 13:03​ Wie ist der Stand der Medien und Aufklärung in Israel? 15:32​ Antwort wie ist der Stand der Medien und Afklärung in Israel in hebräisch 17:08​ Antwort wie ist der Stand der Aufklärund und Medien in Israel auf deutsch 18:52​ Ungeimpfte werden von der Krankenkasse angerufen 20:18​ Antwort Ungeimpfte anrufen auf hebräisch 20:57​ Antwort Ungeimpfte werden angerufen auf deutsch 23:57​ Frage wie ist der Impf Druck auf dich in Deutschland ( Schwester) und Angtwort auf deutsch 25:53​ Frage und Antwort wie ist der Impfdruck in Israael auf hebräisch 27:35​ Antwort auf Impfdruck in Israel in deutsch 29:47​ Ungeimpfte bekommen in Israel Arbeitsverbot 31:47​ Ungeimpfte Arbeitsverbot, hebräisch 32:57​ Antwort auf Arbeitsverbot und Druck in Israel in deutsch 35:00​ Netanjahu hat Israel an Pfizer verkauft als Pharma Labor 36:33​ Israelis werden getäuscht und kaum richtig aufgeklärt und informiert 39:00​ Antwort auf hebräisch 39:46​ Antwort auf deutsch 41:16​ Ist Israel noch eine Demokratie? 41:45​ Antwort ist Israel noch eine Demokratie? auf hebräisch 43:45​ Ist Israel noch eine Demokratie? Antwort auf deutsch 46:00​ GIbt es eine Opposition in Israel? 46:34​ Opposition in ISrael? Antwort hebräisch 47:30​ Opposition in ISrael? Antwort deutsch 49:50​ Wie verhält sich die Polizei in ISrael? 50:14​ Antwort hebräisch 51:05​ Antwort deutsch 51:40​ Warum lassen sich die Menschn in Israel impfen? 53:20​ Antwort hebräisch 55:40​ Antwort deutsch 57:46​ Ausgrenzung Ungeimpfter in Israel nach chinesichem Vorbild 58:55​ Antworot hebräisch 59:46​ Antwort deutsch 01:00:00​ Was wenn krank in Israel und ungeimpft? 01:01:00​ Antwort hebräisch und deutsch 01:03:00​ Warum lasst ihr beide euch nicht impfen? 01:05:00​ Antwort deutsch und hebräisch 01:11:00​ Testet man in Israel, Antwort 01:13:00​ Wie ist es mit der Ausübung seines Glaubens wenn man ungeimpft ist? Antwort deutsch und hebräisch 01.16:00​ Kinder werden auch bald geimpft in Israel, Antwort hebräisch und deutsch 01:26:00​ Die „Manager der Panedemie“ 01:35:00​ Wir müssen uns international organisieren gegen die Big Pharma Diktatur 01:37:11​ Christian und ich Nachbesprechung 01:51:00​ Outro

A quite serious disease Covid-19 is misused by stylizing it to a ubiquitous deadly disease, which it is not in fact, despite all dangerousness.


Israel as the „poster child“ for one of the largest human trials in the history of medicine.

The people perfidiously step by step by disinformation, fear politics of the wrong numbers and facts driven to accept what makes them seemingly FREE, but enslaves them every 6 months to undergo a dangerous vaccination procedure. The people perfidiously step by step by disinformation, fear politics of the wrong numbers and facts driven to accept what makes them seemingly FREE, but enslaves them every 6 months to undergo a dangerous vaccination procedure.


Those who do not participate or ask critical questions or do not have a green vaccination passport are socially excluded, are no longer allowed to go to the cinema, swimming pool, library or even lose their job or entitlement to health care.

Yes, he is no longer allowed to enter the synagogue, the church or the mosque even in Israel.

This is completely based on the model of the criminal left-wing fascist Republic of China, a terror regime with which Merkel, Netanyahu and most governments go to bed and whose methods they introduce and implement on their citizens step by step.

Selling out of civil and basic rights, police violence, and rising depression or suicide rates among our children. Isolation of the elderly and vaccination deaths that no one analyzes.

These government leaders like Merkel or Netanyahu and others have a plan, they serve hidden elites whose actionists like a Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum walk over corpses. In their self-important, narcissistic messiah conceptions, they think they can impose their ideas of a future world order on people.

And the citizens on both sides are asleep because they have been dumbed down for years by the mainstream media and have become incapable of examining and differentiating.

The situation resembles that in the 1930s when elected „representatives of the people“ could prepare the wave of the global worst violence so far.

Propaganda ministers like Jens Spahn, Karl Lauterbach, Lothar Wieler and others have the sole task of serving the agenda, with or without their knowledge, but not of properly enlightening the citizen. They are corrupt lobbyists who have immense conflicts of interest, but bully a whole nation with their incompetence and treat them like little children, led by an Angela Merkel who has built up a perfidious Stasi 2 apparatus, allows peaceful demonstrators to be raped by the police and even when they are 75 years old or pregnant. An Angela Merkel who does not serve the people who elected her but global interests like a great reset agenda of a narcissist like Klaus Schwab (and others), who is not elected by any people and who controls and manipulates the elected representatives.

The question is: how far can these people go before people start to disobey?


DON’T GET TESTED AGAIN if you are healthy!

DO NOT VACCINE (gene therapy) as long as it is not necessary or sufficiently researched. What are they going to do if they don’t?

It is time to become disobedient because no one can say once again afterwards